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Student Representative Council Week

"Week 3 of Term 2 marked Siena’s annual SRC Week, where we came together as a whole school community with a collective goal of fundraising for the Kopanang Community in South Africa. We kicked off our fundraising with a fun Kahoot! on Monday, led by our Year 12 leaders. On Tuesday, our Year 10 House Captains hosted a disco for staff and students. It was great to see many students across year levels and staff enjoying the fun filled event, buying glow sticks and putting in song requests. The disco was followed by hot chocolate and Tim Tam biscuit sales during recess on Wednesday. The Year 11 House Captains loved selling the hot chocolates. They were the perfect treat for a cold morning.

The Siena spirit was on full display throughout the week, which made it effortless to reach our fundraising goal. On Thursday, our Year 12 House Captains hosted the Staff versus Year 12s volleyball game. Both participants and spectators enjoyed the friendly competition tremendously. The Siena staff came out on top, much to some of the Year 12s' disbelief! On Friday, the Year 9 House Captains and some Year 12 leaders hosted a sausage sizzle at lunchtime, which was the perfect way to wrap up the fundraising week.

We want to take this opportunity to warmly thank everyone who helped out during SRC Week and for the generous donations. On behalf of the Siena community, we are pleased to be able to gift approximately $1,600 to the Kopanang Community."

Year 11 Cassia House Captains, Amy and Melania

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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