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From the Archives

Throughout Semester 1, we received many items which have been added to the archival collection. Some items have been donated by staff members consisting of class photos, sports pennants, and production programs and photos, just to name a few. Others have been contributed by our current families, Siena alumnae and the wider community, all have been beneficial in filling the gaps of our Siena story. Here are some of the items:

Bye Bye Birdie, 2005 school production

West Side Story, 2006 school production

The Pajama Game, 2007 school production

A letter informing a family that their daughter had been awarded a scholarship to attend Siena Dominican school in 1948.

A script written in 200 by former staff member, Sue Thompson titled “…of the people, by the people, for the people…”. It was used to introduce Year 8 Civics and Citizenship classes to the history of Democracy. As you can see with these pages, it starts in ancient Greece with Pericles, and finished with John Howard and George W Bush (and other identifiable politicians) discussing the future of Democracy.

Recently, our current Year 7s wrote letters to their future selves, which will be returned to them in 2028 when they complete their final year of study at Siena - a wonderful piece of memorabilia to make them smile and remember their first year at Siena.

Contribute to our Siena Story!

You can contribute to building the heritage collection further with photos, report cards, year books, student-led newsletters, and other items. To get in touch, email College Archivist, Marian Jenkinson: archives@siena.vic.edu.au

Marian Jenkinson

College Archivist
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