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Fire and rescue in 1967

The College Hall has served the Siena community for nearly sixty years, but it almost didn’t survive its first decade. In 1967 one of the nuns woke early as a rosy glow filled her room. She drew back the curtains but rather than the beautiful sunrise she expected, she saw that the Hall was on fire. The nuns went out to tackle the blaze but quickly realised it was a job for the professionals. The Hall was almost destroyed and had to be rebuilt, delaying work on the Centenary Wing which was under construction at the time.

The photograph was featured in the newspaper story under the heading, “FIRE! But nun saved the rabbits.” The rabbits called Acto and Passo, whose hutch was next to the Hall, were rescued by one of the sisters and as we can see from the photo, emerged unscathed by the ordeal.

Maureen McAuley

College Archivist
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