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From the Principal

As Term 2 draws to a close, we reflect on the many opportunities to celebrate learning, life, faith and community throughout this time. To name a few Term 2 highlights: St Catherine’s Day; Chicago: High School Edition; VRQA and School Review; Giving Day. We also celebrated a number of spotlight weeks such as Student Representative Council Week, National Reconciliation Week and Visual and Creative Arts Week; each of them demonstrating such commitment to great learning opportunities for students and collective commitment to our community; thank you to those who led these opportunities and thank you to each and every person who supported by their participation. It has been a busy but successful term.

In closing out our School Review process, I am pleased to advise the Siena community of the following feedback received. This is testament to the culture and the character of our community and I thank the students, parents and staff who volunteered their time to participate.

Reviewers reflected on feedback received from data and interviews across the areas of Leadership and Management, Mission and Identity, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing and Community Engagement.

In summary, the Reviewers noted the following Commendations. The Recommendations arising from the Review will be adopted and incorporated into our new Strategic Plan, for development next semester.


  • Excellent results were achieved from the compliance (VRQA) component of the review. No areas or items of non compliance were identified or noted by the assessors
  • Student data reflects a respectful, appreciative environment of students feeling safe and supported in their learning and growth. To this was added strengths in the cocurricular life of the College and the extensive support offered through the Counselling service
  • Student voice is evident through student leadership and other justice initiatives
  • Strong identity as a Catholic, Dominican school with a strong unity of purpose built around the four pillars, each of which are known and embraced
  • There is strong evidence of Siena being an inclusive community with a strong focus on care and holistic education
  • There is strong support for the professional learning of staff, demonstrated by commitment to data analysis and strong collegial and team environments
  • There is a strong culture of learning in place amongst students and staff

Following this busy term, particularly with assessments this week, we wish all students and families a very restful term break.

Elizabeth Hanney

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