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Respectful Relationships Student Forum

On Monday, 23 May, I was pleased to accompany five of our Respectful Relationships Ambassadors to Avila College to participate in a student forum. They were joined by another eight schools who form part of our Community of Practice in the Inner East.

The student forum was designed to promote student voice and agency in the area of Respectful Relationships. Our Siena Respectful Relationships Ambassadors actively contributed to group discussions and engaged in many different activities throughout the day with students from other schools.

It was pleasing to see students take the opportunity to engage in rich conversation about the major issues that young people are faced with today. The student forum was a great success and we look forward to attending the next forum early next term.

“The forum allowed us to combine with other schools and get a deeper understanding about how we can improve Respectful Relationships at schools. It enabled us to work collaboratively with others and discover new ways to promote student voice. Overall, I learnt so much and look forward to more Respectful Relationships student forums in the future.” – Majella, Year 11

“I really enjoyed the forum. I enjoyed listening to other student opinions on the topics discussed and learning about how other schools implement Respectful Relationships. I also enjoyed collaborating with other students.” – Priya, Year 9

“I really enjoyed the Respectful Relationships forum hosted by Avila College. It was a great experience getting to collaborate with other schools in an inclusive and engaging atmosphere. It was interesting hearing other perspectives regarding different aspects of Respectful Relationships and how we can integrate them into our school community.” – Lila, Year 9

Respectful Relationships Ambassadors: Asta, Lila, Priya, Majella and Maya

Laine Rice

Head of House, Kurrajong
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