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How many times have we read the phrases “in these unprecedented times”, “in these unusual circumstances” and other similar expressions this term? It is absolutely true, of course. Who would have thought that after returning from the bushfires of the Christmas break that we would end Term 1 with a pandemic and commence Term 2 with remote learning?

There have certainly been hardships – personal, financial, health and wellbeing. When we look back on this period in our lives, I wonder what we will remember most? I think I will remember the phone calls and friendly voices, the relationships both personal and professional that sustained me. When I have asked students the same question, they have provided some of the most beautiful and honest responses, as young people often do. They have said that they loved their family time, cooking and eating together, that they discovered that they actually liked their siblings and they loved family movies and going for walks together. Isn’t it interesting that the simplest things in life are the ones that mattered most and brought out the best in us… They also said that realised how much they missed school!

Andrew Hamilton in a recent Eureka Street article said that “when considering the recovery from isolation we must look broadly at its effect on human beings and all the relationships that shape the quality of their lives.” Being blessed with loving relationships is not to be taken for granted, and hopefully the upcoming holidays will be a new opportunity for revisiting the simplest aspects of life that bring such joy.

In closing, I wish to thank and acknowledge the dedicated efforts of parents and your support of our work. The numerous conversations, emails and thank you messages have been testament to the strong partnership between home and school and our shared commitment to student wellbeing for learning. Also, I would also like to make mention of our Year 12 students, who are to be admired for their resilience and acceptance of all that has happened during their final year of school. They will always be remembered as a very special cohort in the history of Siena and we will do everything we can to make sure this year remains positive, memorable and significant for them.

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy
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