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Keeping Exams in Context

Siena College, like many schools, is preparing students for end of semester exams, tests and assessments. Schools and families are placing more emphasis on students performing at their optimum and on achieving good results in exams. This may cause some students to feel pressure and develop unrealistic expectations.

Some experts will say that exams are like a game. Once you know how to play the game, your chances of achieving great results rapidly increase. Parents can learn how to assist their children to maintain perspective and keep their sanity intact during exam time. They may also have picked up a few tips at the ‘Approaching Exams’ Parent Webinar held earlier this week. If you missed it, a recording has been placed on the Siena Central Parent Zone.

Diet, exercise and sleep all play an important part in helping a student balance a busy schedule and study smarter. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and reducing anxiety can be easily achieved through careful planning and having a supportive environment. Parents will find advice on how to help students cope with the pressure and how students can work smarter to achieve the results they desire in the Exam Jitters edition of SchoolTV

Planning for after exams and assessment can also be very helpful and provide motivation and a positive outlook. Your daughter may really appreciate movie tickets, a relaxation massage or some family time away. The point is that having something lovely to look forward to can have a very positive impact on everyone in the home.

Victorian Child Safe Standards

In a previous edition of the Newsletter, I reported that Siena College is in the process of updating policies, documents and practices that are in line with the new Victorian Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order No. 1359 (MO 1359), Implementing the Child Safe Standards – Managing the risk of child abuse in schools and school boarding premises. This is an opportunity to build on our existing child safety policies and practices to address the 11 Standards.

In recent weeks, a great deal of work has been done to ensure that our policies and guidelines are reflective of the new Victorian Child Safe Standards. We have been working on the following policies:

  • Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy
  • Student Behaviour Policy
  • Mandatory Reporting Protocols
  • Reportable Conduct Policy

Once policies have been discussed at the Siena College Policy Committee and ratified by the College Board, they will be shared with our community and published on the website.

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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