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From the Principal

"Education contains a central challenge for the future: to allow various cultural expressions to co-exist and to promote dialogue so as to foster a peaceful society… in this context what is required is courageous and innovative fidelity… which is expressed in the capacity to bear witness, to know and to dialogue with diversity."
Congregation for Catholic Education. Taken from The Identity of the Catholic School, Vatican City, 2022.

It has been with that same spirit of courageous and innovative fidelity that staff and students conclude Semester 1. Across a busy term and culminating in an examination period for students in Years 9 to 11, we reflect on the term: at times a challenge in the face of staff and student illness, but always, blessings. The above extract from the most recent publication on Catholic education from the Vatican, highlights the importance of education as the foundation for a peaceful society. In my role, it is always such a privilege to see daily examples of all that is called for in this work: staff promoting dialogue, the fostering of diversity and inclusion in its many expressions, peaceful co-existence, witness, courage and fidelity.

Over the first three and a half weeks of Term 3, I will be taking a period of Enrichment Leave. In my absence, I am pleased to advise the Siena community that Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy, Annie Rosati, will be Acting Principal. Minna Jewell will be Acting Deputy Principal, undertaking this in conjunction with her current role as Director of Students. I have every confidence in their capacity to lead in these roles, knowing they will also enjoy the great support of all staff.

I wish all families a wonderfully restful term break and share with you a statement of faith from St Catherine of Siena.

"You are a fire, ever burning and never consumed…
You are a light, ever shining and never fading…
You are goodness beyond all goodness, beauty beyond all beauty…
Wisdom beyond all wisdom…"

St Catherine of Siena

Elizabeth Hanney

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