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Antonio de Montesinos Award Public Speaking Competition 2022

In Term 3, the Siena College community is looking forward to its annual Antonio de Montesinos Public Speaking Competition. The award is named after prominent sixteenth century Dominican, Antonio de Montesinos. With the backing of his Prior, Friar Pedro de Córdoba, and his Dominican community at Santo Domingo, he bravely preached against the enslavement and harsh treatment of the Indigenous peoples on the island of Hispaniola (modern Haiti and Dominican Republic).

In order to participate in the competition, students must submit an entry on their topic of choice by Friday, 15 July. Talented year level champions will then compete for the highly regarded title in front of a live audience of friends, family and staff on the highly anticipated evening of Thursday, 25 August.

Competitors will first present a four to five minute prepared speech based on the competition topic: 2022 College theme, In Truth and Action. Students will then be required to present a two to three minute impromptu speech on a topic which will be revealed on the spot, displaying their skills of logic and reason before judges announce the 2022 winner.

This year, our guest alumna judge is past Waratah House Leader and Siena debater, Emilia Fuller (Class of 2014). At present, Emilia is an on-air presenter and program producer for 3AW Radio. She also manages the much loved (and much feared) Rumour File segment.

The competition provides a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their excellent public speaking skills and speak on issues that they are passionate about. We cannot wait to see what talent emerges. Will you be the 2022 winner of the Antonio de Montesinos Award?

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Sasha Sahely

Debating and Public Speaking Leader
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