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Cultivating Wellbeing Over the Holidays

We have provided opportunities for our students to cultivate a strong sense of individual and community wellbeing during Semester 1. In our weekly Wellness lessons, we have gathered to do yoga, commemorated NAIDOC week, unpacked strategies for cyber safety, learned about different ways to seek help, upskilled our students in various forms of study techniques and celebrated student achievements during House assemblies.

Student voice will always play a key role in forming the goals and priorities of our Wellness program. Last week, students worked with their House Group teachers to map out what types of wellbeing content will be most beneficial to them moving forward. For the senior students, positive coping methods and stress management will be the focus in Term 3. For the rest of the student body, we will spend time deep diving into positive relationships, friendships and emotional literacy.

As Semester 1 draws to a close, our students look forward to the term break for rest, recovery and revitalisation. Much has been achieved in the past two terms; new connections and friendships have been formed, academic goals have been achieved and we have been able to gather together as a community to celebrate a variety of momentous occasions.

The term break is a time for students to be active, engage in activities that spark joy, relax in ways that revitalise our mind and bodies, as well as spend time with people who support and empower us. I encourage all families to help their daughter/s prioritise self care over the next three weeks. Resting and relaxing are essential to our wellbeing.

In the days leading up to the commencement of Term 3, I encourage students to adopt a sleep routine that is suitable for a school day. Practising simple relaxation techniques as part of a wind down routine can help you to fall asleep more easily and it is essential to keeping electronic devices out of bedrooms.

We live in a fast paced world that often prioritises productivity at the expense of rest. I encourage everyone to take this time to pause and be still.

Minna Jewell

Deputy Principal Wellbeing
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