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Learning and Teaching

Siena in The City Showcase

Siena in the City was a wonderful success. With its focus on the Arts and Technology and our theme, ‘Be Possibility’, students were able to participate in and enjoy an array of cultural and artful endeavours, explore ideas, technologies, sustainability and community. The Siena in the City Showcase will be held at the College on Tuesday, 1 June from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. We look forward to sharing the highlights of this event with you.

As we immerse ourselves in Term 2 and look ahead at what’s to come, I refer to some learning and teaching matters in regard to assessment.

Semester 1 Reports

The Semester Report provides feedback on the five specific Classroom Learning Indicators and parents and students will be able to see if there has been any progress or consolidation in this area. It will also include a statement of results of all assessment tasks and at Years 7 to 11, an overall percentage score taking into consideration the individual weightings for each task. If a percentage score is not given, a letter grade is used, such as NS – a school sanctioned absence and no penalty or NA – not assessed and a score of zero. At Year 12, it will consist of S (Satisfactory) or N (Not Satisfactory) for each assessment task. Semester reports will not have teacher comments, as the feedback has been throughout the semester and targeted to the assessment task.

Submission of Work Procedures Years 7 to 11

Assessment Tasks should be completed by the due date and time set by the subject teacher.

In the case of a known absence, a student must submit a ‘Change of Assessment date’ form with the assessment task prior to the due date. The student can submit both documents either directly to the Subject Teacher or email them or upload to Siena Central by the due date.

In the case of an unforeseen absence, the student must submit the ‘Change of Assessment date’ form with the assessment task assignment to the class teacher in their next class with either a medical certificate (Year 12) or a written statement (Years 7 to 11), from parents or guardians supporting the situation. If the assessment is an in-class test, the student must arrange to complete the test as soon as is practicable.

When required, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure the submission of a ‘Change of Assessment Date’ application. Failure to do so, and the submission of late work without approval, will result in a score of zero for the assessment task and NA on the report. The ‘Change of Assessment Date’ form can be accessed on Siena Central in the Student Zone or obtained from Student Reception.

Absence from Tests, Presentations and Performances

Presentations and performances for which a student has been absent must be completed as soon as is practicable. At Years 7 to 11, this will normally occur in the next lesson. At Year 12, a rescheduled date will be negotiated with the Head of Senior Pathways and the class teacher.

The General Assessment Test (VCE)

The GAT will be held on Wednesday, 9 June from 10.00am to 1.15pm. There will be no Year 11 or Year 12 classes on this day.


Exams take place from Friday, 11 June until the last day of term, Friday, 18 June. The Student Examination Timetable will be published in coming weeks.

Holidays during term

Please note that Siena College does not support students taking holidays outside of the scheduled term breaks. If a student is unable to complete the set assessment task due to their holiday absence, the student will receive a zero and NA for the task on their report. In some instances, students may be able to complete the assessment task beforehand. Completed assessment will be assessed and will contribute to the overall Semester 1 Report. Unfortunately, examinations cannot be rescheduled outside the designated time. Students may request a copy of the examination after the scheduled date and may submit for teacher feedback; however, the examination will not be graded. We ask for your support in this matter.

Last week of Term 2

Just a reminder that Friday, 18 June will be the last day of Term 2 for students. Teaching staff will participate in a Staff Week until 25 June, dedicated to Professional Learning and the preparation of Semester 2 Curriculum and classes. Term 3 will commence on Monday, 12 July.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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