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School Captains Round Table

School Captains Round Table Event

On Monday, 26 April, we attended the School Captains Round Table event, hosted by John Kennedy MP of the Hawthorn Electorate. Mr Kennedy designed the event with the purpose of discussing the issues that matter most to the young people of his electorate. We were joined by Year 12 students in leadership from a number of neighbouring schools.

As a group, we considered and analysed issues which we felt were prominent in our modern society. These issues included, but were not limited to; consent education, climate change and mental health and wellbeing. Mr Kennedy was very interested in how we, as the future generation, wanted to respond to these issues. He wanted to make sure that our views and values were at the centre of not only the education system, but also the wider community.

The event was a wonderful opportunity to hear the opinions on issues that we as a Siena community often discuss, from the perspectives of students at other schools. Additionally, we were able to converse over different SRC led ideas and initiatives that were unique to our schools. This provided a great opportunity to discuss event ideas that could be new additions to our respective SRC calendars.

Overall, the afternoon was a brilliant experience to be able to debate and discuss issues in our society. Issues which we feel are in need of urgent attention now and into the future - both nationally and globally.

Chloe Barker

College Captain

Harriette La Motte

College Captain
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