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Fiesta 2022

"In our Fiesta performance, we drew upon the theme of Fire, being representative of passion. Our initial thoughts led us to the Olympic torch, the eternal flame, in which we incorporated into our performance to indicate the everlasting spirit of Kurrajong, which has helped us secure a Fiesta win this year!

In terms of the narrative, our performance followed a young girl named Bridget (Kurrajong) who longed to be an Olympic athlete. However, from the day her passion was ignited, those around her had knowingly and unknowingly fanned her blazing torch. Bridget eventually overcame the doubt, burning brighter than ever.

Thank you to the students for supporting the House Captains in ensuring the Fiesta performance went smoothly. The attendance at rehearsals, as well as efforts in preparing props, sourcing costumes and maintaining enthusiasm were remarkable."

Year 12 Kurrajong House Captains, Sophie and Alex

"St Catherine’s Day Fiesta was an incredible day where we saw performances from every House. Although the day itself was filled with excitement, the true buzz was built up through months of rehearsals, beginning as soon as the school year started. Along with the other Waratah House Captains, began the planning process on the first day of Term 1 to draft up an idea of what we could do with the topic of Air, considering different concepts such as oxygen, stress and weather. After coming up with our storyline, we began the choreography of dances. It was so rewarding to see different year levels coming together to learn and refine dances for our Fiesta across many lunchtime practices, where their commitment and positive energy were paid off with the excellent results achieved!"

Year 12 Waratah House Captains, Sophie and Eliza

    Fiesta Results

    • Entrance and Participation Award: Waratah
    • First Timers Award (Year 7): Kurrajong
    • Last Timers Award (Year 12): Cassia
    • Hot Shoe Shuffle Award (Year 8 to 11): Waratah
    • Wow Award (Standout performance by an individual or group): Waratah
    • Behind the Scenes Award: Kurrajong
    • Music Award: Kurrajong
    • Overall Winners: Kurrajong and Waratah

    Peta Mackintosh

    Head of Student Formation
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