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Fiesta is the Spanish word for feast that is often linked to a significant day that celebrates a saint, and so it is at Siena College. We celebrate St Catherine’s Day and mark this special day with Mass, a celebration of student participation in House singing, dance and performance and with food. Fiesta has been such a significant event at Siena College for many, many years, and this year we are particularly grateful for the opportunity to gather and celebrate as a College as we were unable to do this in 2020. It was an absolute delight to watch our Year 7 and Year 8 students participate with such enthusiasm in their first Fiesta at Siena and to see so many students across the College contribute to this wonderful celebration. Student leaders did an exemplary job in preparing their House to showcase their talents.

The Fiesta fundraising stalls in 2021 are an opportunity for the College to raise funds for St Martin’s Rural Training Centre which is a Dominican school located in the Solomon Islands. The monies raised may contribute to a water tank so they can have ready access to water and be used to buy volleyballs and netballs for the students.

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy
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