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Year 7 Camp Reflections

During Activities Week at the end of Term 1, all Year 7 students embarked on their much-anticipated camp to Lord Somers. After camp was cancelled in 2020, it was fantastic to be able to provide this wonderful opportunity to our newest Year 7 students. Arriving on Tuesday morning all students hit the ground running and embraced the wide variety of activities on offer. These included stand up paddle boarding, raft building, kayaking, marine coastal walk, initiative games and t-shirt printing. It was fantastic to see such enthusiasm and enjoyment on the faces of the students as they participated in the activities and responded to the many challenges these presented.

The weather could not have been better with the sun shining on the Peninsula for the three days we were there. Certainly, one of the highlights was the group of students who were able to stand up paddleboard with dolphins! All Year 7 students are to be commended for their approach to camp. Our thanks are also extended to the Lord Somers camp staff and the amazing Siena staff members who attended. We are already looking forward to returning next year!

Student reflection, Maya Keefe

In the last week of Term 1, my year level went to Lord Somers Camp. When we arrived, I could feel the excitement in the air. After we listened to the camp staff, we grabbed our bags and sprinted to our cabins. Each day was packed with activities, my favourite one was stand up paddle boarding because I enjoyed cruising over the sparkling water. Another activity that I enjoyed was printing a design onto a t-shirt, this activity for me was the most unique one because I had never down this before. I made the most of each day at camp and have taken away lots of great memories.

Student reflection, Victoria Comer

Camp with Siena wasn’t at all what I expected. Compared to the other four camps I have gone on with my primary school, Lord Somers Camp was clearly the best one I have ever been on. The activities were so interesting and different to any other camp. My personal favourite would be stand-up paddle boarding as it was my first time doing it. Some groups were even fortunate enough to see dolphins! Through these activities I met so many people that I didn’t know previously and got to know them a lot better. The food was the most delicious camp food that I have ever had, and the staff were so interesting and had an amazing sense of humour. The cabins were clean and organised, and nothing makes you know new people like living with them for three and a half days! Overall, the camp was so diverse and I, and many other Year 7s loved it.

Student reflection, Olivia Lynch

Camp Somers was really fun! There were so many fun activities like raft building stand up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking and screen printing to learn how to work together as a team. Keep an eye out for baby dolphins! 🐬👀 I also loved the trivia night and the movie night.

Student reflection, Helen Kyriakos

Camp was full of many fun experiences. As a year level we completed many fun activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, initiative games, raft building, marine discovery and print making. We got to see all the teachers get involved and get wet! The staff were lovely, and the food was pretty good, I would probably average their score at an 8/10 but a 10/10 for the lasagne. Even though we had a little pillow issue at the start (no one brought pillows in the whole year level,) doing all the fun stuff made it way better.

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