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Arts and Technology Showcase

Silk Painting and Textile Design

Students learned about and experienced the joys of working with the ancient and beautiful fabric of silk. Students researched, explored their own design concepts and implemented them onto a silk panel. The students have worked very hard to learn and use a gutta resist blocking method of applying dye to the silk, in order to create their very own masterpiece. Here are some examples of the wonderful work that the students have created this semester:

Fashion and Product Design

Students researched, designed and created their very own wool products. From this exercise, they learned about the wonderful fibre that is wool. In the beginning, students started off with some fibres of wool; they had to make felt material with wool fibres and then use it to create a self designed product. They should all be very proud of their wonderful creations, here are just a few examples:

Kathryn Anderson

Arts and Technology Teacher
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