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From the Principal

"He has a purpose, and his eyes are bright with it."

These words were written by the great poet John Keats, in a letter to a friend. In these uncertain times ecologically and politically, we may be asking ourselves how bright eyed with purpose we are feeling! Many would be aware that all schools are battling student and staff absence at this time. The ongoing impact of the pandemic is being felt in families, in business, operationally in so many industries, in energies. This is coupled with mounting agitation and advocacy in the lead up to a Federal election. With much at work in our world, we also know that much is at stake. Primary amongst these is surely our young people and the world into which they are becoming adults. Amidst the many questions, fears, hopes and energies, our young people are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives; for themselves and for all.

In the operational difficulties of recent weeks, we have once again seen the strength of Siena: staff and students doing whatever is necessary to offer stability, continuity and hope to one another. Parents, we affirm your obvious encouragement of your daughters which is supporting staff to prepare them for an assessment period. It has been quite inspiring to see just what has been able to be accomplished in the face of disruption and depletion. It seems to me this has only been possible as a result of collective efforts, a firm adherence to our vision, values and goals and of course, God’s good grace among us!

As students and staff enter the second half of term, may they remain ‘bright eyed with purpose’!

Elizabeth Hanney

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