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Learning and Teaching


Last week, Year 7 and Year 9 students completed the online NAPLAN tests over the course of three days. This is the third year NAPLAN has conducted their testing online and we are happy to report that it went smoothly. Well done to our students for completing all tests and being present with required materials, and thank you to our IT Department, Administration Staff and Teaching Staff for assisting our students.

NAPLAN results will be emailed to parents later in the year, when made available by ACARA.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

This year, the date of GAT has changed to Wednesday, 7 September. For further information, please visit the VCAA Assessment website here.

Semester 1 Examinations

Year 9, 10 and 11 examinations will begin on Friday, 10 June and finish on Friday, 17 June.

The examination timetable and Siena College Student Expectations (in relation to student revision guide and examinations) can be found on Siena Central (under Examination Documents within the Examinations Tile). Please also take note of the dates and times that your daughter is expected to attend an examination. Students must arrive at the examination venue ten minutes before the scheduled start time. They are expected to remain at the College between their scheduled examinations each day. Private study rooms are available for use. Students may leave after their last exam of the day.

Students have to be in full school winter uniform and they are allowed to bring their Siena College school bag to the examination. Please ensure that your daughter does not bring her mobile phone, smart watch, or any other unauthorised digital device.

Preparing for Exams

Subject specific revision guides will be available on Siena Central Course Pages for each subject on Monday, 23 May. Students are encouraged to access the Examination Tile for further revision resources and activities for each subject.

They should be in the habit of regularly revising the work that has been completed at school as part of their home study program. Once students have completed their set homework in the evening and if time permits, they should organise their notes, summarise key concepts and revise the semester’s work. A study timetable is recommended. We encourage your daughter to discuss this further with her subject teachers.

Rescheduling of Examinations

Students are expected to sit for their examinations at the scheduled time; in the rare instance of a subject examination clash, students must complete the Exam Reschedule Form available here and email Dr Vadala.

Year 10 students completing a Unit 1/2 subject examination must check the Year 11 Timetable to determine their exam schedule.

Absence from Examinations

Please note that examinations will not be rescheduled if a student is absent. If your daughter cannot attend an examination, please notify Siena College via the standard Absence procedures. A parent note must be sent to the Head of House to explain the absence. As per our Learning and Teaching Procedures, unsanctioned absences from examinations such as family holidays, will result in an ‘NA’ (not assessed and a zero result) on their semester report.

Staff Professional Learning

Lifting of COVID restrictions has enabled us to continue our Staff Professional Learning on Tuesday afternoons. The focus of each session enables staff to develop their knowledge in areas of Faith, Wellbeing and Best Classroom Practice. This week, we focused on Effective Thinking Routines. Teachers discussed strategies to help students achieve visible thinking and to take greater ownership of their own learning. They then further explored the concept through colleague demonstration. The Project Zero MTV Strategies that formed part of the demonstrations can be accessed here. Teachers will incorporate these strategies into lessons in order to assist students with revision and application, as we head into the final period of assessment this semester.

As always, it is our constant endeavour to bring new and innovative strategies and skills to the learning environment.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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