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Public Speaking and Debating

In recent weeks, Siena students have been competing in various local public speaking competitions.

Year 8 students, Priya S and Jacinta B competed with great skill and flair in the Ainger-Peck Richmond Rotary public speaking competition whilst Charlotte L spoke passionately about constitutional recognition for Australian First Nations peoples.

Year 12 students, Helya E and Sasha S also had the VCAA Plain English Speaking Awards in sight until we unfortunately had to abandon our plans. Other exciting opportunities can be found on the Public Speaking page on Siena Central.

Selected students: Charlotte L, Ava B, Alyssia G, Hanna G and Irena K also took part in the recent Victorian Student Parliament Convention held in the Legislative Assembly Chamber of Victorian Parliament. Students debated on the topic: "Should the Victorian Government retain judge alone trials for indictable offences post COVID?"

Well done to these intrepid speakers!

Michael Petrie

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