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Learning and Teaching

Term 2 Examinations: Friday, 11 June – Friday, 18 June

During Wellness this week the Years 9 to 11 students participated in an information session regarding preparation for the Semester 1 examinations. Students were given a hardcopy booklet that included their exam timetable, expectations of student behaviour, a calendar to record homework and study times and a useful list of tips and strategies for approaching learning and study. As we head towards examinations, completing several past exam papers in each subject is an excellent way to augment preparation. Our teaching staff are always available to address learning questions and offer help and clarity on any challenging content. Please encourage your daughter to seek assistance from their teachers.

Revision materials are now available on Siena Central. Linked to the Examination Tile on Siena Central, for both students and parents, you can find the exam timetables, expected behaviours and the presentation on planning and study tactics.

Semester 1 reports will be available on Siena Central on Friday, 25 June.


There are no Year 11 or 12 classes on Wednesday, 9 June as the GAT will take place from 10.00am to 1.15pm.

Allwell Assessment

Year 8 students participate in the Allwell Assessments on Tuesday, 15 June. The data generated by these assessments is an important indicator of student learning and ability and assists in determining learning strategies to best suit individual students. As such, we ask that you please ensure that your daughters attend the assessment.

Term 2 Activities

There are several Learning and Teaching activities on the calendar for the remainder of Term 2 that may not be able to be held on site. We will keep our community informed of any changes to upcoming events and appreciate your understanding and patience as we establish alternate ways to share these events.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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