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All Fired Up!

On Thursday, 20 May, Year 8 students from Kingswood College, Strathcona Baptist College, Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College joined Siena students Alana Stravato, Amalie Cornehls, Amber Kantzipas, Lily Graham and Terumi Tapusoa in attending the ‘All Fired up!’ Enrichment Day. During the first session, Haneen Bou Karroum explained to students how the body responds anatomically to physical activity during exercise – in particular, how the muscular system reacts. Recess in the convent courtyard was followed by a session on Sports Nutrition given by Katherine Shone, a sports nutritionist from Olympic Park. Katherine emphasised maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet without too much regimentation or banning of ‘bad foods’ - these should be enjoyed in moderation as the occasion arises. After lunch, Peta Mackintosh from the Art Department inspired students to express the day’s theme ‘All Fired Up’ by creating sculptures in groups out of metal mesh and flame-coloured wires. Two of the resulting sculptures (pictured) include a girl walking through fire and a person (perhaps St Catherine of Siena herself?) sporting a hooded head of fire. Students worked in mixed-school groups throughout all three sessions – and judging by noise levels in the Art room towards the end, they seemed to be getting along like a house on fire.

Student Reflections

The Year 8 Enrichment Day was a fantastic learning experience, I had the chance to interact with different people and hear more about their schools and how they learn in their environments. The subjects of the day were how our muscles work and how important it is to have a balance and daily schedule of healthy foods, with some nice treats along the way! We also learned how to make wired sculptures on our topic "All Fired Up" which was a great way to connect with people and work as a team. I enjoyed this day to talk to new people and understand the true importance of balance in foods. I appreciate what all our Siena teachers have done to make this day run so smoothly, thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of this terrific event.
Alana Stravato

The "All Fired up Enrichment Day" was a great opportunity to learn new things with students from other schools. We started by learning about how our body works and how it can run. It was nice showing visiting students around the school and getting to know them. The last activity was making a wired sculpture based on the day’s theme – "All Fired Up". My group came up with the idea of having a person with a flame as a head. I had a great time with them as we bonded by working as a team to create the final product. Overall, it was a great day and I would love to do it again.
Amber Kantzipas

Melanie McKenzie

Learning Diversity
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