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Music News

On the 26 May we were fortunate to have the Autumn Concert featuring many of our ensembles including Junior Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Canti Dolci, Junior String Ensemble , St Cecilia Strings, Senior String Ensemble, Folkus, Groove Train, Sisters of Swing, Guitar Ensemble, Galway Flutes and Clarinet Choir. It was a fantastic night of performances from all ensembles and for many students it was their first performance at Siena College. This concert was watched by many via a Zoom Webinar and several family members across the state. Students and Directors all enjoyed performing back in our beautiful Susan Alberti Auditorium and should be congratulated for working so hard in rehearsals and for the performance itself.

Kerryn McGillen

Director of Music
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