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Over the last decade, mindfulness has been slowly rising in popularity with many individuals practising it on a regular basis. Evidence based research has found that there are many benefits to mindfulness which has prompted us to promote this practice as part of our Wellness Program at Siena College.

Mindfulness can be described as attention training for your brain, enabling you to focus on something without judgement and to stimulate curiosity. Mindfulness can be practised in a number of ways and is something that can be done by everyone - no matter what your age! It has been practised by many cultures around the world, but it is not exclusively affiliated to any particular philosophy.

Mindfulness helps improve memory, engagement and performance. Its positive effect on the brain can improve immunity, mental wellbeing, learning ability, emotional health and even time management. It is especially important in this era of information overload as our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions making us more distracted.

Parents and guardians can learn the best way to introduce or support mindfulness practices with their children by reading and hearing more about it on SchoolTV. You may even find that implementing it into your daily lives can have an overall positive impact on family relationships. Click here for the Mindfulness edition of SchoolTV

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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