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Medieval Day

"As part of the Horizons Week program, Year 8 History students participated in a Medieval Day program. This was an opportunity for students to extend their understanding of the medieval era and participate in a range of activities.

Students were divided into groups and worked together to create medieval towns, villages, cathedrals and castles. This was a great way for students to appreciate the complexity of significant buildings and work together to recreate them. The opportunity to create a brass rubbing of a medieval plaque also gave students a reminder of this era.

The highlight of the day was the demonstration of knights, wearing full armour and fighting! Our students even got the opportunity to fight the knights though they did not win! Still, they had great fun trying their luck!"

History teachers: Catherine Judd, Tina Di Camillo and Stephanie Leslie

"Dashing, slashing, the opportunity arrives to fight. Swords, shields, battle axes, armour and helmets, we saw them all. Lord Lorenzo looked intimidating but he had not met me! Our battle was furious and I landed a few good blows before Lord Lorenzo admitted defeat - he did not really!

"I learnt a lot about medieval fighting! The whole day was great."

Maleesha Wijesiri

"Medieval day was great! The best part was learning about medieval weapons and using them against the knights!"

Sienna Cataldo

"I enjoyed holding the big sword and shield trying to fight Lord Lorenzo."

Olivia Wong

Catherine Judd

History Teacher
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