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Mission Matters

Preparing to Celebrate St Dominic

In the lead up to our celebration of the Feast of St Dominic, it is important for us to reflect on the richness of our tradition and the ways in which we continue to live it authentically 'in Truth and Action'. Student Leaders are preparing to facilitate House Assemblies where they will focus on the life of Dominic, his remarkable vision and how this underpins all that takes place in our College.

“Hope means that I live now.”

Referring to Catholic international weekly review, The Tablet, former Master of the Dominican Order, Timothy Radcliffe OP, shares some wise words that resonate strongly with our Siena story:

"Every school is a sacrament of hope. Teaching recognizes the dignity of the young as truth seekers…it embodies our hope for their future. Hope means that I live now, whatever may happen tomorrow."

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools School Improvement Surveys (MACSSIS)

Through the Annual Action Plan, the collated data will be used to inform policies, pedagogies and practices at Siena: MACSSIS provides an opportunity to gather and engage with such data.

This is a low-impact and high-return set of tools for creating, collecting, analysing, interpreting and using data to inform school improvement.

MACSSIS produces perception data which tells us what different groups in our community think and feel about their learning environment; all Siena students, staff and families will complete MACSSIS online between Friday, 29 August and Friday, 16 September.

As Dominicans, we are always drawn to places with the greatest potential. We thank you for your partnership in sustaining and growing our culture of continuous school improvement.

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity
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