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Term 3 Wellness Program

This term, our students have a calendar filled with activities that they will engage with to foster positive social behaviour and improve academic outcomes.

Our Term 3 Wellness Program has a variety of offerings; goal setting and personal strength sessions, opportunities for investigating positive coping and stress management skills and year level based sessions to respond to priority needs. We are lucky to be welcoming both Susan McLean and Sonia Karras to the College this term, who will be working closely with our Year 7, 10 and 11 students:

  • Tuesday, 26 July: CyberSafety session with Susan McLean (Year 7)
  • Thursday, 28 July: Safe Partying session with Sonia Karras (Year 10 and 11)

We continue to be committed to our whole school approach to Respectful Relationships and at our most recent College assembly, our Respectful Relationships Ambassadors shared their work with students and staff. Next week, the second Respectful Relationships Student Forum will take place and our ambassadors will travel to Avila College to represent our student body.

Kind Mind Club

The Kind Mind Club will continue to run this Semester for Year 7 students. The aim of the club is to provide a structured environment for our students to build connections and friendships. The group is run by myself and one of our College Counsellors, Lisa Ellis. We meet in the Learning Centre every Friday fortnight at 1.00pm. Our first meeting will be on Friday, 29 July. All Year 7 students are welcome.

Big Sister Little Sister Program

Lastly, the Big Sister Little Sister Program continues to run this term. Year 7 and 12 students will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of each other during Wellness sessions.

We are looking forward to continuing to embed healthy wellbeing practices into our students' daily activities, knowing that they are all working towards becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

"There can be purpose in every small step we take, no matter how insignificant it seems at the time.”

Meera Lee Patel

Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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