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Year 10 and 11 Pillars Leadership Program

Siena College encourages students to use their voice to uphold truth and justice, just as St Catherine was known to do. To foster this, we offer an opportunity called the Pillars Leadership Program which has run this term. This program is open to Years 7 to 11 students and aims to develop their knowledge and skills in various areas of leadership, recognising the importance of student voice and a shared vision. In addition, drawing their awareness and understanding of leading and working in teams with a Dominican lens and desire to be of service to others.

Below is a reflection by Year 11 Dianella House Captain, Evie G and Year 10 Cassia House Captain, Amy D

Over the past few weeks of Term 3, Years 10 to 11 students have had the opportunity to take part in the 2022 Pillars Leadership Program. The leadership course has been split into four sessions:

  • Dominican Charism and Leadership
    Session One focused on the nature and leadership qualities a Dominican leader displays in all aspects of their life. We learnt about the importance of acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses as Dominican leaders, in order to put our best foot forward in team environments and reach out when we need to lean on the support of others.
  • Collaboration and Delegation: Working with and for the Team
    Session Two focused on what makes a positive and cohesive leadership team. We learnt about the importance of establishing a shared vision in leadership, so all team members are aware of the common goal and see value in the part they will play to enable their team to reach it. We discussed that delegating tasks is empowering as you are able to play to the diverse strengths of all team members, for the best result.
  • Public Speaking and Authenticity: Q&A with Current Leaders
    Session Three focused on bringing our authentic and unique selves to leadership roles. We learnt that knowing our audience and the space we are presenting in is important, as it helps us to build a sense of connection between the speaker and audience as well as the level of formality we need to bring to our presentation.
  • Wellbeing, Self Care and Challenges in Leadership
    Session four focused on being able to take a step back, and take time to look after ourselves as leaders, especially when we find ourselves getting caught up attending to the needs of our peers. We acknowledged that as leaders sometimes we get run down and need to do what makes our ‘cup full' and refreshed. We learnt that saying ‘no’ to things is okay when we need to, and communicating with those around us when we need a hand is key. We also discussed the challenges that we will encounter whilst working with others. Considering how to have the ‘difficult conversations’ and manage situations in the best way were investigated.

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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