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From the Principal

For the most part people live by stories. Thank God, there are still Dominicans alive today so our story is not yet exhausted, completely told; there is still something to be said. Firstly, that a conclusive all round definition of Dominican spirituality cannot be given on a story that is still going strong. We can trace some of the main lines in a plot of the story, which has now been handed down for eight centuries in constantly different ways. The Dominican story begins with Dominic and his first companions and is a story which, at its heart, takes up the story of Jesus and brings it up to date in its own way. Dominican spirituality involves how we live out our story here and now, in our time; a living relationship with the present world. Dominican spirituality is a living reality which is to be realised among us now, in critical solidarity with the human world. The first basic premise of Dominican spirituality is the absolute primacy of God’s grace in any human action. This is the direction of the Dominican life and its action in relation to ethics, the world, society and the betterment of people. God gives an unexpected future of possibility to the limited meaning and scope of my own actions.

Edward Schillebeeckx OP

The result of this Dominican stance is trust and joy in the dynamic presence of God, with us and through us, for fullness of life. This spirit of joy was felt by all this week as we celebrated St Dominic’s Day, supported by Frs Kevin Toomey OP and Peter Murnane OP, and Sr Julianna Drobik OP representing the Dominican sisters. Such grace and blessings to us! Happy St Dominic’s Day to all in the Siena Community and to the Dominican family across Australia and internationally.

As we lean into this latest Melbourne lockdown, it was timely to be reminded of our wonderful Dominican spirit and the strengths we can draw upon as a community of care and connection. We are blessed to have the very best resources at our fingertips and the technical expertise of our staff and IT department to ensure continuity of learning for all. As always, our Wellbeing team are available at any time for those who require support and reassurance. Wishing our Siena community the very best over the coming week.

Elizabeth Hanney

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