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Scientist in Residence

Siena alumna (Class of 1999) and Scientist in Residence, Dr Lorien Parker has been conducting Science classes with our Years 7 to 9 students.

Year 7

In this class, students are learning about forces, and how unbalanced forces lead to motion. They have been graphing data obtained from investigating forces present in constant motion, falling downhill, rolling uphill and encountering friction. They will be applying their learning in their project which is building a marble run. This lesson was a chance to learn about how they might optimise a marble run to achieve a target of 30 seconds for the marble to fall.

Year 8

The Year 8 students are learning about light and sounds in a unit of physics. They have been exploring the properties and behaviour of light through a range of media, including using mirrors and lenses to explore reflection and refraction. They have explored the works of Carnovsky, a Milan based art and design duo whose artworks tell different stories depending on the colour of light used to view them. They were also able to create their own artworks that appeared differently under different colours of light.

Year 9

Students have been learning about control and regulation, specifically about the nervous and endocrine systems, how they function and support homeostasis. In this lesson students were investigating the stimulus response model and observing the speed of different senses. They then observed Ozobots and how their sensors are analogous to human senses in taking in external information.

Nicholas Harvey

Head of Science
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