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Mission and Identity

Religious Education – seeking truth

Our students are continuing to live out the Dominican mission of truth seeking in their classes during remote learning:

  • Year 7 students are Caring for Creation by exploring Laudato Si’ and what it means for us as contemporary Catholics
  • Year 8 students are viewing Goodness in Our World through the lens of Jesus’ teaching
  • Year 9 students are encountering Women of Faith by investigating the role of women in the world of the Bible
  • Year 10 VCE Religion and Society Unit 1 students are exploring cultural identity as part of Religion in Australia
  • Year 11 VCE Religion and Society Unit 2 students are exploring the issue of ethical consumption as part of Religion and Ethics
  • Year 11 VCE Philosophy Unit 1 students are justifying critical responses to viewpoints and arguments relating to knowledge
  • Year 12 VCE Religion and Society Unit 4 students are preparing to analyse a significant challenge faced by a religious tradition or denomination
  • Year 12 Religion and Life students are investigating the work of Catholic and secular agencies advocating for refugees and asylum seekers, with specific reference to the current situation in Afghanistan

As you can see, Religious Education classes continue to provide opportunities for authentic engagement with our faith tradition, rigorous learning and critical discussion in our current online environment.

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity
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