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Music News

Annual Music Concert

Due to the extended lockdown, the Annual Concert planned for 1 September unfortunately cannot proceed. Our ensembles have been continuing to rehearse and we aim to create virtual performances that can be shared with the Siena community in the future. We know that students will be disappointed about this news, but we encourage them to continue to attend online ensemble rehearsals and practice their parts in preparation for virtual and future performances.

2022 Ensemble Auditions

It is that time of year where we invite all students to submit their audition videos for all 2022 Music Ensembles. Audition videos and forms will need to be uploaded to the Co-curricular Music page, ‘Audition Dropbox’ by 6 September. Students will be emailed the audition form and instructions on how to successfully create their audition video this week.

AMEB Performance Examinations

The Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) have notified schools regarding upcoming performance examinations and have asked students to consider sitting video repertoire examinations due to the current and potential future restrictions. In most cases, the video repertoire examinations require four pieces and no technical work. For further information about this option, students are asked to talk to their instrumental teachers or Mrs McGillen.

Soiree Week (Week 10)

Music students are encouraged to sign up for Soiree Week, which will be held during Week 10 of this term. We are hopeful that the soirees will occur at school however we will revert to an online Soiree week if this is not possible. Students interested in gaining performance practice, and for those sitting examinations, are invited to sign up by emailing music@siena.vic.edu.au

Monday, 13 September

Lunchtime piano soiree

Wednesday, 15 September

Double reeds soiree 6.00pm -7.00pm

VCE soiree 4.30pm-5.30pm

Thursday, 16 September

Lunchtime woodwind and brass soiree

Cabaret Night – auditions

Cabaret Night will be held on 14 October subject to School Operation Guidelines. We invite all voice students from all year levels, pianists and instrumentalists to audition to perform at this exciting event. Students are asked to perform the piece or song they plan to perform at Cabaret Night. Audition videos are to be uploaded to the Co-curricular Music page, ‘Audition Dropbox’ by 6 September and labelled as Cabaret Night Audition. For further information students are encouraged to talk to Mrs McGillen or their teachers. All musicians are encouraged to audition even if they don’t learn an instrument or take voice lessons at school.

Kerryn McGillen

Director of Music
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