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Leadership At Siena

Pillars Student Leadership Program

Over the past four weeks, a group of Year 10 and 11 students have participated in the Pillars Senior Student Leadership Program.

Across four sessions, students worked together to reflect on what it means to be a Dominican Leader. Guided by a number of Siena staff and student leaders, our students practiced and developed the skills of teamwork, communication and delegation, explored their character strengths, and discussed the importance of formulating a leadership vision.

The following reflections were written by students participating in the leadership program:

“What resonated with me was the importance of having a clear and shared vision, including understanding who you are leading, why you are leading and keeping in mind the bigger picture within your leadership role. This will influence my leadership role as I will continue to further develop my vision as a leader and ensure that it accounts for the needs and priorities of the people that I may be leading.”
Macey Brick, Year 11

    “What resonated with me was that there aren't a restrictive set of qualities that allow someone to consider themselves a leader, there are a wide range of characteristics and qualities because a leader doesn't have just one definition. There are leaders in every situation, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, hence highlighting the importance of collaboration and teamwork and bringing together people’s strengths. Realising the importance of other people within the team and working with them in order to bring out the best in a group will be a focus of my leadership going forward, inspired by the conversation of teamwork”
    Abbey Harford, Year 11

      “The different skills we discussed and learned about teamwork really resonated with me. I found it really valuable to learn about the importance of delegation and establishing a shared vision that incorporates everyone’s ideas. In the future, I will be more inclined to delegate tasks and pay closer attention to the strengths of my team members so that we can use them to our advantage.”
      Sasha Sahely, Year 11

        The program was also discussed in more detail by three of our participants in the latest Siena College podcast, so tune in if you would like to find out more!

        The Pillars Year 7 to 9 Leadership Program will take place over three sessions from Weeks 8 to 10 this term. The registration form is now open via Siena Central, and is open to all students in Years 7 to 9.

        Claire Moody

        Head of Student Formation
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