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Learning and Teaching

Learning Conversations

Learning Conversations took place over this past Wednesday and Thursday. The online experience has been finessed and we’re happy to say they ran without a hitch. Thank you for your participation and for being mindful of the timing for the Conversations. The evening received wonderfully positive feedback and we are always grateful to our dedicated teachers who help to make this event so worthwhile. The online environment continues to provide opportunity to connect with parents and students, and we welcome your feedback. Thank you to our students who were honest and engaging in their reflections.

If you were unable to secure a Learning Conversation timeslot, comprehensive feedback on your daughter’s progress is available on Siena Central. Responses to Term 3 tasks and assessments will continue to be posted for the remainder of this term and as we progress into Term 4.
To support our staff in our current environment, we ask that you contact the relevant teacher in Term 4 if you require further conversation regarding your daughter’s progress or online feedback.

Concluding Term 3

During the last week of school we will bring together the term’s learning, as assessment in all year levels is finalised. We congratulate all students and staff on their agility and determination to maintain our high standard of learning. It has been enriching to see experiential learning opportunities transferred to the online environment. Many students have taken up participation in forums, workshops and online challenges.

Term 3 concludes on Friday, 17 September.

Unit 3/4 Study Break and Trial Examinations

All Unit 3/4 SACs have now been completed. Congratulations to all Unit 3/4 Students for their sustained resilience and perseverance. The first week of the coming break provides an opportunity to recharge with some screen free time and to organise Unit 3/4 notes and unit summaries and reread novels and texts. This gentle but targeted preparation is a necessary foundation for the Trial Exams in week two of the study break.

From Monday, 27 September to Friday, 1 October Unit 3/4 Trial Examinations will be undertaken online, click here for the schedule. The experience is aimed at preparing for the end of year formal exams, as we simulate the VCAA exam duration and examination style. The Trial Exams help identify areas of strength and areas that require more focus, so we ask for your support to encourage your daughter to approach these exams with commitment and determination. Results will be officially communicated to parents in Term 4, Week 2.

Term 4

We will be thinking of our Year 12 students as they prepare for their final term at Siena, which commences on Monday, 4 October.

The GAT will be held on Tuesday, 5 October. Unit 3/4 Students and Parents have been sent a communication via email.

2022 Subject Confirmation and Booklist details will be made available to students and parents.

No doubt, we are all looking forward to the term break and some extended screen free time. While it is likely that we will not be travelling far, I hope that you are able to enjoy a change of pace. Our thoughts are with our parent community as you continue to support and help motivate those around you. May you find time to breathe and recharge.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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