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Arts and Technology

Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition 2022

After two years of exhibiting student work in the online exhibition space, we are excited to be back showcasing our VCE students' work in the Visual Arts Gallery in the St Catherine’s Centre.

Students completing a Unit 3/4 subject in Media, Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design have the opportunity to share their ‘art making and creative practice’ with the Siena College community onsite this year.

The exhibitions opens on Friday, 14 October from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. We invite our Year 12 students and families, along with other members of the Siena and wider community to share in the work generated by our Arts and Technology students. To celebrate Arts at Siena and the enduring nature of creativity, we welcome Siena alumna, Emme Orbach (Class of 2008) as our guest speaker.

Visitors to the exhibition on Friday evening are able to vote for the ‘People's Choice Award’ in the following subject areas:

  • Media
  • Product Design and Technology
  • Studio Arts
  • Visual Communication Design

There will also be one 'Principal’s Award' selected by Mrs Hanney at exhibition.

Our students are excited for the opportunity to exhibit their work to an audience. The following comments convey their thoughts on the experience in creating work and the return to onsite exhibition format this year.

“Although the virtual galleries were innovative and served a purpose, nothing beats viewing the artworks in person and interacting with others in the space.”

“Having spent so much time and effort creating these artworks, we are very proud to showcase our work with the Siena community.”

“It has been inspiring seeing the talent from our peers.”

“It will be good to see the various artforms together in one exhibition as it allows viewers to witness the range of artistic talents at Siena.”

“Having a physical gallery rather than online as it has been for the past two years will allow people to interact with the artworks on a deeper level, as they stand before the work and have their eyes travel across the surface and engage with the materials. Or be drawn into the film based works that transport the audience through narrative.”

“It has been really rewarding to see ten months of hard work come together.”

“Our knowledge of exhibition and design of the spaces has really come to the fore in putting together this space.”

“The immersive studio process has been both consuming and incredibly rewarding”

“It is great to be able to physically see everyone’s art again and to immerse myself in the art class creative space. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to surround myself with creativity.”

Applied Computing: Lego MINDSTORMS

"In Year 11 Applied Computing, we paired up and begun working on building functional robots made from Lego. Our group chose to build an anglerfish design, which uses sensors (such as colour and ultrasonic) and motors to allow the robot to open and close its mouth on command. The robot uses simple scratch coding that is easy to learn and is suitable for any ages and any level of understanding of coding. As a side project, we also used the sound function to recreate our favourite songs by adjusting the notes, timing and volume of each sound. Furthermore, we experimented by combining the robot’s jaw motor ability to sync with the music notes, creating the illusion that the fish is singing. We have greatly enjoyed this activity, from building the Lego to programming it to move; it has been a fun challenge to tackle. It has been a great way to end Year 11 Applied Computing and we are looking forward to continuing in Year 12." Yasmin and Angelina

"In Applied computing we have been using software called Lego Mindstorms to code a robot of our choice. I have been able to customise the sounds and movements my robot makes. In recent classes my partner and I have adjusted some attachments to allow it to pick up objects. Overall, this class activity has been a very enjoyable experience that has help me understand coding a bit more." Georgia

"We have been using the LEGO MINDSTORM robot inventor to build a Lego device that we can code to do certain activities. We made a driving base and a colour sensor so that our device can move and conduct actions based on what colour it senses." Alana

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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