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Learning and Teaching

Another eventful term is upon us as we prepare our Year 12 students for their final examinations, run our Semester 2 examinations for Year 9 to 11 students, as well as tally and collate the results in readiness for the Night of Excellence at the end of the term. We have also started to look at and update the 2023 curriculum content so as to provide a head start for our students the following year.

Year 12 Trial Exams

Thank you to all our students and staff who ensured that the Year 12 Trial Exams ran smoothly. Results are now available via Siena Central. These results are indicative of how the students are currently placed in terms of their learning. It is important that students regard these exams as a learning opportunity and take the time to go through them, ask questions and focus on any areas which require improvement. Parents of Unit 3/4 students are asked to take note of the information on the final arrangements for the VCAA Exams posted via Siena Central earlier this week.

Last Day of Year 12 Students

The last day of classes for Year 12 students is Friday, 14 October followed by two days of special activities on Monday and Tuesday, and culminating in their Graduation Mass on Tuesday evening.

During regular school hours, teaching staff are available to correct practice papers and assist in any way. Once the students commence on the SWOT Vac period , their teachers will continue to be available in their normal class time. The most effective way to revise and study is to complete as many practice papers and questions as possible. School uniform is to be worn when coming into the College for revision or consultation.

During this time, support and encouragement from family and friends are very valuable to help uplift the spirit and keep the momentum going. We will be thinking of you and wishing you all the very best!

Examination Timetables

Year 9 to 11 students will receive their Revision Package and Examination Timetable next week. Parents and students will be informed via a Siena Central news item when the materials are ready. A Revision Booklet outlining study skills and exam preparation will also be made available to students via Siena Central.

Learning and Teaching Curriculum Writing Day

Curriculum Writing Day is on Wednesday, 19 October and it is a non-teaching day. The purpose of this day is to work in subject level teams to update the 2023 curriculum documentation. It is an opportunity to ensure that the subject and year level curriculum is fresh, interesting, engaging and relevant, therefore allowing students to develop their skills in a meaningful way.

2023 Subjects and Booklists

Students will be emailed their 2023 subjects in the coming weeks. All information pertaining to the booklists will be available via Siena Central. Please look out for a Siena Central news item when the booklists are ready.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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