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Arts and Technology

Year 10 Costume Design

"This semester, we have enjoyed learning about the history of costumes and how designers use different techniques and surface decorations to portray a character’s personality and behaviours into a costume. At the moment, we are designing our own children costumes, following a design brief and using our own pattern pieces. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating my own costume and having full control of turning my ideas into reality."

Sienna M

"For our final assessment we are creating a children costume for a production. My character is a shy young girl who lives in the mountains. Upon facing betrayal from her village and sisters, she decides to take revenge and teach them a lesson. The colours of my dress are black and green and is based on a snake. The colours represent revenge and betrayal, and the snake represents a mysterious and secretive character. Leading up to the construction of the dress, we researched inspirational images of other costumes and makeup to help us design our costumes and experimented with different sewing techniques like ruching and applique. Overall, I have really enjoyed learning about new techniques, researching and creating final products."

Siena M

"We have explored many forms of costumes through research and practical tasks in this semester. We completed a research assignment on renowned costume designer, Colleen Atwood, learning about the different thought processes that go into creating costumes that establish the personality of a character, and that each element is purposefully added for a particular reason. My costume resembles a fairy princess, and this is reflected through the wings and flower crown in my design. The construction of the product consisted of creating pattern pieces, interfacing, sewing the garment together and adding surface decorations. My character is an advocate for change in her kingdom, with her quest to empower young girls to question stereotypes and follow their interests. Being able to create a character and then bringing it to life through a costume has been a rewarding experience."

Emma I

Year 11 Media

In the Year 11 Media class, students studied the changes in media technology and looked at new developments and hybridisation within media forms, as well as the impact on society, audience, industry and institutions. Students also learned about the changes in the gaming industry and experimented with virtual reality technology.

Kathryn Anderson

Arts and Technology Teacher

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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