Term 4, Issue 03: Mission Matters | Siena College
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Mission Matters

Advent in Australia is a time to embrace the light. We mark the beginning of summer on 1 December and the end of our school year is accompanied by long stretches of daylight. Our land yields distinctive colours during the latter part of the year, especially the mauve of the jacaranda tree; its fragile blooms dance against the blue sky in direct contrast to the northern European colours of red and green that we still cling to in the craziness of commercialism.

Every Advent, we begin by gathering around a wreath - a work of love, full of fresh green leaves, with coloured candles just waiting to be lit. As we move through the weeks of Advent, it will keep catching our eyes and be for us, a symbol of newness, light, refreshment, waiting, longing, rejoicing… or whatever may speak to our hearts.

So, as we stand at this place of newness, ready to start afresh on this journey of faith together, let us pray that we will give and receive this blessing:

Spirit of God,
bless the weeks ahead with gratitude and grace.
May our words and deeds be infused with sincerity.
May our lives integrate the desires of our hearts with the work of our hands.
And let God’s people say “Amen!”

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity
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