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From the Principal

The Siena College community has experienced considerable upheaval over the last fortnight, particularly our Year 12 students, their parents and our staff. In responding to a rapidly changing environment of site closure and Department of Health directives, there have been many procedural matters which have required the support and cooperation of all. Throughout the week, there have also been moments of great pride as our Year 12 students have adjusted to changes in their final weeks of learning at Siena. One moment of pride was experienced at the final SRC meeting for the year, when all student leaders gathered, under the leadership of Ms Claire Moody, to acknowledge and thank the outgoing Student Leadership Team. Instead of focussing on what was lost in this tumultuous year, they highlighted what was found; creativity, connection, solidarity and savouring all that was. We thank the SRC for ensuring that the student body continued to engage with activities throughout the remote learning period and acknowledge their leadership in all of the onsite events earlier this year.

I share with the Siena Community, a prayer written by Hayley Di Stefano, Veritas Leader. In it Hayley offers a prayer of thanksgiving for the SRC and asks for God’s blessing on all Year 12 students. Let this be our prayer as a community at this time; thank you Hayley.

Dear God,

In our last SRC meeting as a collective 2021 group, we thank you for blessing us with the friendships, connections and fun that this year as brought. Through all the challenges and hardships that this year has continued to throw at us, thank you for the unity and support that has been provided in our community.

For this year's leaders, may you be blessed with the resilience, determination, and willingness to serve others that was embodied by both Catherine and Dominic. May you continue to be a guiding light in the darkness, leading others through both their difficulties and achievements.

To all future leaders of Siena, may you be filled with love, generosity, and selflessness to uplift those around you and continue to strive for what our community believes in.

Year 12s, although this is not the way you may have expected your time at Siena to come to a close, may you be reminded of your persistence, strength and the encouragement of the community around you. We thank you for all the gifts you have provided this group with, and may you continue to lead in everything that you do in your future endeavours.


Elizabeth Hanney

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