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Learning and Teaching

As we immerse ourselves in Term 4 with all the bumps along the way, we strive to ensure that learning at Siena is of the same high standard as ‘normal’ years. The uncertainty of what comes next and our constantly changing circumstances stress the need for some sense of routine while still acknowledging the impact that the absence of normalcy has on our community.

The decision to run the Year 9 to Year 11 exams was carefully debated and considered, and the consensus is that holding the exams will be of greatest benefit to our students. They allow us to consolidate and evaluate the learning for 2021. As much as teachers and students alike have put their best foot forward, it is important that we can measure data patterns to ensure that learning in 2021 has not been adversely affected. The examination outcomes will provide the opportunity to identify any learning gaps that may require addressing. In addition, practice in all things leads to improvement, and prepares our students for their final year.

Key Dates for Years 9 to 11

Revision Sheets published via Siena Central:
Year 11: 29 October
Year 10: 5 November
Year 9: 5 November

Assessment completion:
Year 11: 5 November
Year 10: 12 November
Year 9: 18 November

Examination Period:
Year 11: 12 November to 19 November
Year 10: 22 November to 26 November
Year 9: 25 November to 1 December

Year 12 Trial Exams

Online Year 12 Trial exams ran smoothly, and the results are now available via Siena Central. Thank you to our students for committing to this exercise and adhering to the guidelines. These exams are a learning opportunity and students should take the time to go through them and focus on or seek clarification on areas for improvement. A debt of gratitude to the Year 12 teachers who have been steadfastly marking the trial exams and the many practice papers submitted by our students.

Year 12 further revision

The past week has offered ongoing opportunities for students to engage with revision lectures during Enrichment and also after school, presented by our internal experts and external assessors.

On Monday 18 October, an additional Trial exam for English will be held in the morning and Mathematics will be held in the afternoon.

The last day of classes for Year 12 students is Tuesday, 19 October.

Support and encouragement from family and friends is very valuable at this time, in order to keep up spirits and momentum. We’ll be thinking of you all and wish you the very best!

2022 Subjects and Booklists

Please take note of the following dates, when students will receive their final list of 2022 subjects and access to the 2022 Booklist:

22 October: 2022 Subjects emailed
22 October: Year 10 and 11 Early VCE English Booklist available, due 27 October
3 November : Year 8, 9, 10 and VCE Booklist available, due 26 November

VCE Headstart Program

The VCE Headstart program provides opportunity for students to engage with their 2022 subjects.

Year 11 students will participate in five lessons for each subject and Year 10 students will participate in three lessons. The program provides an excellent foundation for learning as students prepare for the VCE.

2022 Year 12: 22 November to 26 November
2022 Year 11: 29 November to 2 December

Accelerated Subject Applications

Those students whose accelerated study application was deferred, are please to email bbiggins@siena.vic.edu.au to request a review with Ms Laughlin, to be scheduled after completion of their exams. Deferred students have been emailed a reminder, should they wish to pursue an accelerated study.

Non Teaching Days for Term 4

25 October: Staff Learning and Teaching Day / 2022 Curriculum Planning Day
1 November: Melbourne Cup Long Weekend

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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