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Siena Career News

In this edition of Siena Career News there is plenty of useful information particularly for Year 12s, whom we wish all the best as they prepare for their final exams.

Important VTAC dates are included, Change of Preference dates, ATAR release and tertiary offer dates.

The article detailing "Twenty Most Needed Jobs" provides great food for thought and is interesting reading for students who would like to increase their chances of employment post university or post TAFE.

Holmesglen Institute is holding a series of Virtual Open Days to showcase a variety of Vocational and Higher Education courses- you can now study a Bachelor’s degree at several TAFE Institutes which is great for students who prefer a study environment with smaller numbers and more one on one attention than large university degrees.

There are updates from the universities regarding admissions, changes to courses, new courses and special entry programs.

Paramedicine and Public Health have soared in popularity in recent years. I have included course matrices which list the various universities offering these courses and the entry requirements.

Clare Timmins

Head of Careers
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