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Learning and Teaching


The VCAA Examinations have commenced, and our thoughts and prayers are with our students and their families over this period. Staff have been very busy preparing the venues in accordance with the COVID guidelines. We also thank our VCE teaching staff for their amazing work and their commitment to keeping our students engaged and motivated throughout online learning. Teachers, students and parents alike have all had to dig deep, and we wish our students the very best.

Our Years 9, 10 and 11 students write exams towards the end of this term. We have been so impressed by our students' continued engagement and dedication to their learning and wish them the very best as they prepare for their examinations.

Non Teaching Days

Melbourne Cup is here, and we wish everyone a long weekend enjoying the company of family and friends. Monday, 1 November is a non-teaching day. May we all take this time to take a breath and re-energise for the remainder of Term 4. VCAA exams will continue on Monday.

Awards Night of Excellence

We will be holding the annual Night of Excellence via Webinar, on Wednesday, 8 December at 7.00pm. Invitations and a link to the Webinar will be emailed towards the end of November. Award recipients and their parents will receive a personal invitation.

It has been wonderful this week to come to work and see the students' smiling faces. Welcome back everyone!

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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