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Learning and Teaching

We are back!

The atmosphere and buzz around the College is such a welcome response to being back in the classroom. There is a very real sense of energy and positivity as the students' laughter and chatter is heard around the campus.

VCAA Examinations

The final VCAA exam is on Wednesday, 17 November. Despite our changed circumstances, the exams have run remarkably smoothly. The general consensus amongst students and staff is that the papers have been well received, with VCAA delivering fair and accessible examinations. There is no doubt that students, parents and teaching staff alike will be very pleased to cross the finish line. For those who have already finished: well done! Congratulations to all of you for rising to the occasion and putting in your best effort.

Year 12 results will be published on Thursday, 16 December and the College will be open on Thursday, 16 and Friday, 17 November to support or assist any Year 12 student with their change of preferences or any other careers support. Students should contact Ms Timmins to make an appointment.

College Examinations

Our Year 11s commence exams on Friday, 12 November and finish on Friday, 19 November.
2022 Year 12 Headstart begins on Monday, 22 November.

Year 10 examinations begin on Monday, 22 November and conclude on Friday, 26 November.
2022 Year 11 Headstart begins on Monday, 29 November.

Year 9 examinations start on Thursday, 25 November and finish on Wednesday, 1 December.

2 December is the last day of school for all Years 7 to 10 students.


Parents will be able to access their daughter’s report on Monday, 13 December.

Night of Excellence

This special evening will be held on Wednesday, 8 December, acknowledging our students for their hard work and academic performance. We will be sending more information about the plans for this evening as we may have the opportunity to hold the event in our usual style at the Hawthorn Town Hall. Stay tuned!

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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