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Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to All Students

Congratulations to all students for completing all learning, assessment and examinations for the year. Students have demonstrated strong skills in organisation, determination and focus during this assessment period and in concluding the year. An exemplary demonstration of great resilience and hard work.

Headstart Home Learning

VCE students are asked to complete all necessary home learning in preparation for 2023. Information is available on the VCE Headstart Tile on Siena Central.

Reading English Novels and Reading for Pleasure

All students are asked to ensure they have completed at least one reading of their English novel/s prior to the 2023 school year. Students may also find it enjoyable to read other novels for pleasure over the term break.

Booklist and Subject Choices

All subject choices have been finalised this week. Final notification will occur today.

Students who have moved subjects or will be undertaking an accelerated subject are asked to be patient in accessing their Edrolo texts (where designated by the booklist). We are in the process of working with Edrolo to update their system. Edrolo needs to be finalised by Monday, 12 December.


Parents will be able to access reports via Siena Central on Friday, 16 December.

Night of Excellence

We are excited to hold this year’s Night of Excellence at Camberwell Grammar School in Canterbury. Parking will be available on the school premises. Invitations and information will be sent towards the end of the term.

I also take this opportunity to thank families for their support throughout 2022 and enjoy your celebrations and precious time with friends and family during this holiday.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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