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From the Principal

Gold and Bronze Medals

This week students in Years 7 and 8 participated in the Ethics Olympiad – a wonderful event which develops critical thinking skills in students as they respond to ethical prompts. Following a time of preparation students then respond, debate style, with competing students from other schools across Melbourne. We are delighted to announce that overall, our Year 8 students took out Gold and our Year 7 students were awarded the Bronze medal. Congratulations to these students and to Melanie Mackenzie for her wonderful support and mentoring of them. We are also very pleased to acknowledge that all Siena students received individual honourable mentions.

Finishing Well

We commend all Year 11 students who are finishing this week. In recent weeks, much has been asked of them – course completion, examinations, including more than half undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 exam, and over this week, Year 12 Headstart. In every aspect of their efforts, they have shown great focus and maturity. In undertaking Headstart this week, these students now leave for their summer break with a clear sense of their chosen studies and essential reading before their return. I was very pleased to attend their end of year liturgy, with its focus on Advent and thanksgiving for the year. We commend all senior students and wish them a safe and restful break.

Next week will see Year 10 students move into their Year 11 program. Year 9 students will continue with final exams and Years 7 and 8 will engage in a wonderful transdisciplinary program entitled ReThink, ReSet, RePurpose, inviting students into a design thinking process regarding ethical consumption of food. I thank Bronwyn Illot and Donna Laughlin for collaborating in the leadership of this great initiative.

After twenty-three years of fine service, Cathy Fulco is entering a period of long service leave followed by retirement. As a highly regarded teacher and colleague, Cathy will be remembered for her warmth and commitment. This photo was taken of Cathy with her Year 7 French class on her final day of teaching. We thank Cathy and wish her every blessing in retirement.

As this is the final newsletter for the year, we extend Christmas blessings to all Siena families.

Follow, where the Spirit of Hope leads you

Listen, as the child of Peace beckons you

Rejoice, as the love of God embraces you

Live now: with Hope, Peace and Love in your hearts

May the blessing of the Creator,

Christ Child and Spirit be with you, forever.

Elizabeth Hanney

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