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Giving to Siena

Thank you to everyone who supported our Give Possibility Giving Day on Tuesday, 5 October!

We raised just over $120,000 and every gift is truly appreciated. Your generosity will enable us to give the gift of a Siena education to three deserving young women as we continue to grow our Siena College Equity Scholarship Program. Click here to learn more about our Equity Scholarships.

While school fees and grants cover the operational costs of the College, giving allows for transformational change. It is through your generosity that the young women of Siena are able to follow their academic and cultural interests, and believe in their potential to become passionate life long learners. Siena College is a place where the diversity and unique gifts of the young women in our care are acknowledged and celebrated, and where we aim to empower young women to go out and make a difference in the world.

Donations to our Scholarship and Building Funds are accepted all year round and every gift received is truly appreciated. Please contact Tracey Grobbelaar at should you have any queries or if you wish to discuss an ongoing donation or bequest.

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