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Imagehow can we help?
Siena Philanthropic Society

Creating Transformational Change

The Siena College Philanthropic Society honours and perpetuates your support. Every gift, no matter how large or small, is valued and appreciated.

Each of us has different capacities and circumstances. We hope you will consider giving a gift of significance and a gift that makes you feel proud.

Donors will be listed as founders of the Society, without disclosing confidential information or individual gifts. Donors are invited to special College events, as well as the annual Siena College Philanthropic Society function, attended by the Principal and members of the College Board.

About the Society

Founded in 2014, the Siena College Philanthropic Society is an initiative specifically created to support major projects in providing excellent learning environments for the sciences, humanities, the arts, culture, sports, music and wellbeing.

While fees and grants pay for the operational costs, the Siena College Philanthropic Society assists with larger transformational projects.

Philanthropic Levels

The Siena College Philanthropic Society is designed to provide a framework to encourage and grow a culture of philanthropy. We hope you will join us and consider pledging at one of the following levels:

  • $1,000 Friend
  • $3,000 Companion
  • $6,000 Supporter
  • $10,000 Member
  • $15,000 Associate
  • $20,000 Partner
  • $30,000 Benefactor
  • $50,000+ Governor


Donors are awarded lifetime patronage of the Siena Society Philanthropic Society for gifts over $3,000. This applies to gifts given cumulatively or via a single gift. Gifts from $1,000 to $2,999 are awarded patronage for a period of six years.

All donations to the Society are made via the College Building Fund and the Equity Scholarship Fund.

All donations can be made as a single gift or pledged over a period of years. Pledges are not binding contracts but rather expressions of intent and goodwill and can be varied depending on circumstances.

For further information please email Tracey Grobbelaar, Director of Development and Community Relations or call her on (03) 9835 0266.