2023 Book Week: Celebrating Literature in Albertus… | Siena College
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As the pages turn and the chapters of time move forward, we find ourselves looking back at the 2023 Book Week in the Albertus Magnus Learning Centre. It was a week filled with creative crafting, engaging workshops and lively competitions that celebrated the written word.

The 'Pics or It Didn't Happen' photo contest captured moments of joy and the student book quiz ignited friendly rivalry. Our interactions over paper bead jewellery, bookmarks and badges reminded us of the synergy between art and literature. The Siena staff ‘great book swap’ and morning tea fostered connections over shared stories.

As we move forward, let us carry the Book Week magic with us. Here's to more chapters of learning, growing and cherishing stories together. A big thanks to Australian author, Kirsty Murray, for conducting the Year 8 writing workshop and to the Learning Centre Team for making all of this possible.

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