2023 Top Class Drama Excursion | Siena College
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Our current VCE Drama students attended the 2023 Top Class Drama held at the Malthouse Theatre, in support of new Siena alumna, Jessica D (Class of 2022) who performed her 2022 Unit 4 Solo Performance Examination.

Jessica's original work is based on the real life character of Hetty Green, a woman who lived during the Gilded Age in New York, during the late 1800s. Hetty was an entrepreneur and businesswoman, a woman ahead of her time. Jess’ performance dramatically chronicles Hetty Green’s personal and business life, as well as incorporating links and parallels to the life of another Siena alumna: Susan Alberti AC (Class of 1964), who is also a contemporary businesswoman and philanthropist. It is so wonderful to see the Siena sisterhood inspiring each other.

Congratulations once again to Jessica on this fine achievement! We wish her every success in her pursuit of theatre and performance.

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