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In this episode of SienaCast, we sit down with 2024 Sport Captain, Maya G and Head of Siena Aerobics Squad, Ella G (Class of 2020), who have achieved the remarkable feat of qualifying for the Aerobics World Championships in Belgium. Join us as they share their journeys into the world of aerobics, their unique experiences at Siena College, the intense dedication that led to their qualification and the emotional moment they learned they would compete on the world stage. Discover the intricacies of their competition routines, their anticipation for the upcoming trip to Belgium and gain valuable insights for aspiring aerobics athletes dreaming of international success. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with two outstanding talents!

SienaCast is a collaboration between students and staff which aims to give voice to our College community on issues of significance and importance to us all. At the heart of SienaCast is our motto, Veritas (Truth).

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