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Congratulations to the twenty-five students who showcased their exceptional skills at the prestigious State Aeroschools Championships in Diamond Creek last Friday! We are excited to announce that the following students achieved a remarkable top five finish in their respective categories:

  • Year 8 student, Lexi A
  • Year 8 student, Mia B
  • Year 8 student, Ella-Belle H
  • Year 8 student, Emma M
  • Year 8 student, Emily S
  • Year 10 student, Tahlia C
  • Year 10 student, Indianna H
  • Year 10 student, Hannah S
  • Year 11 student, Sienna E
  • Year 11 student, Harper H
  • Year 11 student, Grace J
  • Year 11 student, Zoe K

Their outstanding performances have earned them a well-deserved qualification for the upcoming Aeroschools National Championships, to be held on the picturesque Gold Coast in September. As we eagerly await the upcoming competition in just a couple of weeks, we have no doubt that they will once again dazzle the audience, representing Siena College with immense pride. Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to all the students for their remarkable accomplishments.

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