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Spotlight on Siena Staff is an ongoing series of short videos and articles capturing the reflections, motivations and advice from some of our amazing Siena College staff. Today we interview Director of Sport, Haneen Bou-Karroum on her teaching journey and her passion in supporting our youth and fostering a culture of growth and empowerment.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

As a past Siena student myself, I was inspired by my own Health and Physical Education teachers, whom I am fortunate enough to now call colleagues. They created a safe, inclusive environment and constantly reminded me of the importance of 'raising my own bar'. After graduating from Siena College in 2014, I pursued a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at Deakin University. Currently, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside such fantastic educators and am passionate about helping young people reach their personal best. My personal goal is to ensure that each student I make contact with feels heard and valued as a member of the community. One of my all time favourite quotes is 'you miss hundred percent of the shots you don't take,' a sentiment I find applicable in multiple contexts of school and life.

What is your vision as Director of Sport at Siena College?

My vision for this role is to encourage as many young people as possible to step outside their comfort zone and participate in as many opportunities (sport and non sport related) as possible through an inclusive and positive environment. Through this environment, I hope to see students flourish and learn life skills that they can take beyond the school gates of Siena.

Why did you decide to complete the Laps for Life fundraiser?

The Laps for Life fundraiser aims to address youth mental health with a particular focus on youth suicide. I have decided to swim ten kilometres across the month of March to help raise awareness for a cause that is dear to many people’s hearts. Working with young people, I am often reminded of the importance of checking in with one another and ourselves. I am looking forward to hitting the pool deck across the month of March!

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